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This is the biggest way to show a hologram floating in the middle of the air, if you count with enough space the holographic stage using the Pepper’s Ghost effect, Techmagiks system can be a good option or the Holo-Gauze for direct projection. Using our 3D Hologram Projection Systems the susses of the event is guaranteed.

Our team can help you to create any type of presentation based on your ideas and what you would like to give to your audience. Easy to set up, we provide you all you need to Wow everyone and give them and unforgettable experience. With no need of 3D glasses you ensure that everyone among the audience will enjoy your event, presentations, concerts, conferences, etc.

Inspired by the clients who have the floor space and the wish to make an impression, TechMagiks have developed a large scale 3D Hologram Projection Display that will surely impress with amazing 3D holograms. These large holograms are perfect in Trade Show, Press Conferences, Exhibition Hall Enterprises, Entertainment or any special event where a larger WOW factor is required. With holographic floating images up to 26.2ft/8m high and unlimited ft wide, our magic hologram technology will offer you something unique and memorable. No special glasses are required for viewers to witness your holographic presentation in 3D.

The impact delivered by the holographic illusion reaches audiences at a much deeper level than conventional media. The viewers’ reactions can speak for themselves!

Follow our steps and enter the magic world of 3D Hologram Stage / Theatre.
1. Overcome the traditional large-screen display mode dominated major drawbacks:Expressions richer, more adequate performance information.
2No special glasses are required, everything comes to life with 3D effects right in front of your eyes.
3. Virtually and reality combination, audiences can interact with the Phantom on stage.
4. The real phantom imaging gives the audience a visual impact.

  1. Avaiable in a range of sizes

We’ve got a team of experienced project managers, content creators, technical engineers, lighting consultants and network administrators ready for your idea.
The service we provide:
1. Make fantastic effects plan according to your requirements
2. Design the visual effects software
3. Help you to set up the stage
4. Provide professional lighting, commissioning, and other work.