Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

 Game Changing Outdoor LED Solutions

TechMagiks is your single source for dynamic outdoor LED displays. We strive to offer rugged, IP65 -67 LED displays that you can rely on in adverse weather conditions and climates that allow you to reach your audience with ease. We understand that no two video display needs are alike, and can help your outdoor display no matter the size or shape become a reality. We have extensive experience working with all types of clients from initial vision to finished install. We work with your team to seamlessly add LED Video Displays into your vision.


Our TechMagiks’ outdoor LED displays are designed and tested to withstand whatever mother nature decides to toss its way. The product line offers weatherproof SMD and DIP configurations that can compete with direct sunlight and withstand rain, wind, and dirt giving you a product you know you can rely on 365 days a year.



Anyone can put a large outdoor LED screen on the side of a building, but much more goes into adding LED Display technology into your design concept. Each client gets a dedicated project manager to help make sure your vision is seamlessly integrated both before, during, and after installation to ensure no surprises throughout the process.



Our goal is to help your vision become a reality. We understand that you should be limited by product, and our TechMagiks’ product line is designed to help create any size and configuration you choose to complete your vision.



Engagement is key in today’s noisy digital world. Billboards and advertisements surround us.


7 out of 10 people can recall a DOOH advertisement they have seen in the past month.

Stadium Displays

LED scoreboard is a multi-purpose display used for showing live scores, replays, animations, advertisements, etc. Through our Digital Signage Software, our clients can show one or more information on the LED scoreboard at the same time. The scores can be fed in the customized templates manually or automatically.

Scrolling LED Display

Scrolling LED or LED ticker display is an ideal solution to display live stock market data, news headlines, RSS feeds, twitter feeds, sports score etc. These displays are flexible true color modules that can be built to any length and customized to take concave, convex or cylindrical shapes that can blend with the environment.

Digital OOH Display
Digital OOH advertising has transformed the meaning of outdoor advertising. Digital screens can display dynamic content and offer flexibility which cannot be achieved in with traditional OOH. Can create and manage a network of multiple screens from one central location to modify the content by the time of the day.


LED Ceiling / Sky Screen

LED Ceiling art form is neither new nor innovative. Over the course of artistic history some of best pieces of art and architecture are in the form of ceiling art. However it’s the LED technology, its crystal clear imagery and flexibility that add a modern technological facet to the ceiling displays. The content that is played on the screen is important and can be very powerful to maximize the merchandising impact of the screen. They are easy to install, versatile, durable and secure.

The beauty of this in its location. It’s positioning is such that its strikes the periphery of our attention. Depending on the area and nature of the structure, different kind elements can be used to form the LED ceiling. If the media is selected correctly it will gel seamlessly within the environment, providing a non-obtrusive immersive experience. By maintaining the and high level quality of visuals, may grow to become one of the major icons of property. It sets a new benchmark for urban screens. This is future at its best.

LED Sphere / Cylinder

LED screens are increasingly used to replace traditional tools of advertising because of their unmatched visual experience and dynamism. LED sphere is one such breakthrough in LED display technology. LED spheres can be customized to any size and pixel pitch as required for the application. They can be hung from the ceiling, supported from the ground, or even made for portable usage. They can be made of special aluminum material which is very light in weight and better for heat dissipation.


The biggest advantage offered by LED Sphere is its 360degree viewing. Due to its unique structure, it is sure to catch the attention of its viewers and helps advertisers in a huge way. LED sphere finds its applications in museums, planetariums, exhibitions, sports stadium, airports, hotels, railway station, shopping malls, bars, etc.



Out of home advertising is one of the most cost-efficient media formats from rooftop and roadside billboards to building side LED displays, TechMagiks can guide you through the process of implementing an outdoor LED display.

Our TechMagiks’ LED product line is designed to be customizable and reliable for our customers. Built to withstand adverse weather conditions, TechMagiks’ LED provides a truly breath-taking outdoor LED display option you can depend on. TechMagiks’ LED can be used as outdoor advertising, entertainment, and much more. Update your display from anywhere with the click of a button using cloud-based content management.


Techmagiks LED is designed and built to withstand adverse weather conditions and provide a truly breathtaking outdoor LED display option you can depend on. TechMagiks’ LED can be used as outdoor advertising, entertainment, and much more. Update your display from anywhere with the click of a button using cloud-based content management.



TechMagiks’ LED_Ip65-Outdoor


A fully rated outdoor product is key to guaranteeing the longevity of your Outdoor LED display billboard.



The key to a quality outdoor LED display is variable brightness for any condition day or night. TechMagiks’ LED has brightness offerings between 6500-7500 Nits.



TechMagiks’ LED is fully adjustable to the surrounding outdoor conditions via sensors that talk with the screens control system making sure your screen looks best at all times of the day.



Each cabinets electronics and data control is easily accessible with T-handle that remove individual modules to access power and data boxes on board the LED displays frame.



TechMagiks’ LED can be manufactured in multiple different cabinet sizes to best fit your unique outdoor LED display installation.



TechMagiks’ LED utilizes data and power connections that are 100% water tight allowing for stable and reliable connections between each outdoor LED display cabinet.



Utilizing an intelligent auto correcting light sensor control system, your outdoor LED screen installation will be the perfect brightness at all hours of the day to maximize the eyes on your screen.

Our outdoor LED displays are compatible with various input formats, such as DVD players, cable TV, internet & intranet etc.

These are highly customized LED walls, every LED video is customized in regards to pixel pitches, resolution, sizes, shapes etc. Our LED video walls enjoys long life, they are weatherproof units & can tolerate dust, humidity or rain.