Interactive Gesture Displays:

Interactive Window/Wall Projections systems transforms an ordinary window/wall into an exciting and entertaining experience. This technology will help attract customers and keep them coming back for more. There are three different kinds of interactive floor systems available for purchase from Virtual On standard version, double size version and triple size version. These different sizes make it easy for users to customize their interactive feature to fit their space without having any gaps in the projected image. The technology to join the smaller images into one larger image is provided by an edge blending system by Virtual On.


Interactive Gestures Displays on Walls:

Interactive projection system has a number of key features that make it the ideal product for businesses to use. It is an all-in-one system with absolutely everything needed to set it up and customize it included in the package. Even more importantly, the interactive system is plug and play and very easy to install. Virtual On includes a specially designed stand that allows for easy installation and even allows for the system to be portable.


Interactive projections systems can be used in a number of different settings. They are perfect for displaying advertising on because they attract so much attention. Some of the different effects of the interactive floor can even be used in conjunction with advertising. For example, people moving on the floor’s surface can move leaves to reveal a store ad underneath. This type of advertising is ideally suited to shops, shopping centres, trade centres, market places and even exhibitions.



Interactive  aquarium interactive aquarium for floor, wall, table, bar, counter

Inside the interactive virtual aquarium fish, water and other genuine sea creatures react to any of movements of a person.

It is a lot of fun to play with the fish. If touched the fish try to escape or follow the movements of a person.

The aquarium is available in various sizes for floor, wall, table, bar, counter.

The 3D aquarium can be individually designed. There is a huge selection of realistic 3D fish, cartoon fish and special creatures such as mermaid, dolphin, shark, etc. which you will not find in a real aquarium. All creatures behave very realistically.

You can always change the set of fish, choose other living environments and integrate your own logos, images or adverts into the aquarium.

Create a highlight at your location with our virtual interactive aquarium!



A virtual aquarium has a high cost advantage over a real aquarium, especially if you compare the total cost including the initial investment and the recurring cost of maintenance and operation

A virtual aquarium requires no care, maintenance or feeding.

The virtual aquarium can be customized, enhanced and changed without any construction work.



For entertainment in waiting rooms in medical practices

As a design element in restaurants, hotels, bars

As an eye catcher for your home


Projected onto the floor, wall, table, counter, bar

One or more interconnected displays



There are numerous effects at low cost that can be displayed as a variation to the aquarium

These range from an interactive meadow with butterflies to advertisement content with own image, logos or movies


Remark: Not all of the pictures and videos shown are of a purely documentary origin. Some serve for illustration only. The actual optical result of an interactive media installation depends on the specific situation and the specifics of the media technology used in the particular installation.