Innovative &Impactful Projections for Events & Shows

For something truly sensational, consider TechMagiks’ interactive Projection Mapping Dance, where dancers move in front of an LED or projector screen displaying custom-made motion graphics. Projection Mapping can also be done onto three-dimensional objects, giving our dancers the opportunity to bring technology to life around them.


Interactive Projection is the next evolutionary step in performance arts. We are experts in interactive projection. Imagine telling a beautiful storey through dance or theater where the content understands you, changes with your touch and reacts to your gestures. Techmagiks has been actively working with different performance artists and technologies to truly bring the content alive and interact with you.


There are so many ways to utilize this amazing technology that it has become an event by its own nature. 3d Projection Events can sometimes be referred to as ‘4d Projection’, as there is usually an additional element added to the projection itself. Picture a musical performance on a stage where the lights around the performer change the entire visual of the landscape to appear as if they are in different worlds from one minute to the next. 3d Projection Events can also be incorporated into firework displays or while a DJ plays crowd favourites over an ever changing dance floor, or even joining sporting events along with the projection. An unbelievable way to make any performance different.



Our Process:


We love ideas, we love people. We love listening to people who have ideas even more!

Our success is driven by our ability to listen.  We’re crazy about the visual environment and work closely with our clients to understand their audience and objectives. This allows us to bring your messages to life, in a big way.


We’ve mastered the rules, and we know how to break them.

Collectively we have over 15 years experience underneath our belts. We are often challenged with making the impossible, possible. Using technology in new ways to achieve different results, we design bespoke solutions, solving complicated technical problems with industry know-how.



We’re not afraid to do something for the first time.

Yes, we are driven to connect you to with your audience, but we also care about how we get there. We create communities who win together, not just teams. Our independence means we are brand and equipment agnostic, allowing us to provide the best solution within your budget.

Understanding the entire process, we can manage other technical departments to on your behalf to ensure everything works, first time around.


Turn your followers into fans…

Whether you’re a band or a brand, we don’t just create awareness, we create impact. We use visual experiences to reach your audience and share your messages. From 3d mapping to guerrilla marketing campaigns, we deliver results.