Interactive Virtual Floor for Corporate Events and Weddings:

Bringing A Whole New Meaning To Touch Screen.

An unusual and exciting product that combines all the fun elements of dancing flames, shimmering water, floating fish, magical stars, blooming flowers, fluffy clouds and visual auras into one single system. With the element of surprise, users become captivated with the interactive floor.

The Interactive Floor System is unusual, exciting, and modern. It not only reacts in real time, but in a unique way can create and send powerful messages by way of advertising, brand re-enforcement and establishing corporate identity.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, walking into a fish restaurant, over a swimming pool filled with shimmering water, goldfish swimming through the water and over the restaurant´s logo. Then, as you walk you see ripples in the water, hear the sounds of your footsteps and see the fish darting away from your feet. This is all possible at the same time with the Interactive Floor System using our Interactive software.

Similarly, if you place this system into a corporate function, guests can walk over the pool and corporate logo at the beginning of the event, but part way through the scene changes and the system presents something else — creating a dance floor that is always affected by the dancer´s movements or an interactive game that engrosses the users attention.

Each effect is completely configurable, you can insert your own backgrounds, logos, videos, sounds, settings etc. very easily using built in configuration dialogues that are extremely easy to use. This enables you to create an unlimited number of unique effects as well as having an unlimited amount of different advertisers on one floor.


Interactive Virtual Floor for Gaming’s:

Jump, Stamp, and Run.

Multiple Games to Choose From

With a wide range of games, kids and adults can be entertained for hours while running and jumping around. Choose from nearly fifty exciting and engaging games that are sure to bring smiles to everyone who uses it along with an elevated heart rate!

TechMagiks Virtual Floor offers an interactive virtual playground that captivates both children and adults in an entertaining, exciting, and innovative way.

Key Features

  • Highly accurate motion sensing technology
  • Multi-point gesture recognition
  • Up to 5 free interactive games
  • Turns any floor space into a multi-point interactive surface
  • Easy calibration
  • Interactive surface up to 28’x21’ feet.
  • Single/Multi user capabilities – several kids can play at the same time
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Active entertainment for all ages – encourages running and jumping


TechMagiks Virtual Floor systems use a horizontally positioned projector and an angled mirror to apply the projected image on to the floor. The projection size and brightness are affected by the ceiling height and the projector specifications according to the following paragraph.

Floor/Wall requirements:

A smooth, non-reflective, non-glossy, bright (preferred white) surface of any kind is required (can be marble, wood, special Vinyl flooring etc.) The size of the flooring depends on the projection size as described above.

Power requirements:

Standard 110-240v input, three sockets required as a minimum.

Drop ceiling:

The unit will replace the central floating ceiling tile and will rest on its original frame, above the exact middle of the required projection area. The anchorage to the real ceiling is done using bolts and wires or chains, according to the ceiling quality or material.

Standard ceiling or external structure:

The unit will be hung as a “Stand alone” device. The anchorage to the ceiling is done using standard mounting pole. The anchorage to external structures as booths is done using wires, cables and chains.

Warranty: Hardware 1 year

Software License: Life time

Technical Support: 90 Days






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